FlickrBot v1.3.5

v 1.3.5
+ Add collections support.
+ Add 'move to other album' feature.
+ Add 'View donwloaded photos' feature to view downloaded photos by using external photo viewer
+ Add long press on the fav icon will show who faved this photo.
+ Support 'edit/delete comment' feature.

- Fix some menu display bugs.
- Fix 'add to album' bugs.

v 1.3.5
+ 新增珍藏集瀏覽
+ 新增移動至其它相簿功能
+ 新增瀏覽下載圖片功能, 可使用外部瀏覽器瀏覽已下載圖片
+ 長按最愛圖示會顯示誰有把此相片加入最愛
+ 支援刪除/編輯相片的評論

- 修正部份選單顯示
- 修正加入相簿的錯誤

Google Play: FlickrBot v1.3.5