FlickrBot v1.3.2

v 1.3.2
+ Slideshow supported.
+ Add support to keep download queue when it is completed.
+ Add 'force to use English' in general settings.
+ Add 'show total' in view settings. if checked, it will show total photos, albums, groups and galleries.
+ Add some more features

- Fix when viewing photos, loading more photos will not show all the photos.

v 1.3.2
+ 新增幻燈片支援
+ 新增可保留下載紀錄
+ 一般設定新增 '強制使用英文' 選項
+ 瀏覽選項新增 '顯示總數'
+ 新增更多的其他功能

- 修正瀏覽相片時, 載入更多相片會有部份相片沒有載入

Google Play: FlickrBot v1.3.2