FlickrBot v1.0.0

+ Multiple account supported
+ Easy to browse photos and videos
+ Video supported. (Using external video player)
+ Batch upload.
+ Batch download. You can select the download photo quality in the settings, default is 'Best'
+ Explore the days most interesting photos.
+ Explore the most recent photos.
+ Easy to check on someone's photostream, favorites and sets. (By click on their's buddy icon)
+ Pinch to zoom
+ Add/Remove your favorite photos or videos.
+ Integration with other apps (upload one or multiple image/video from other apps)

If you have any suggestions or problems, you can email to weakapp@gmail.com with the details if this is a bug (device, android version and steps to reproduce the problem)

** This app is using the Flickr API but is not endorsed or certified by Flickr. **


v 1.0.0
+ Beta Release
+ Multi-account supported
+ Batch upload/download supported
+ Video supported (Using external video player to play)
+ Logout supported

Google Play: FlickrBot v1.0.0