JustDelicious v1.0.0 (Free Version)

JustDelicious Free is an ad-supported delicious.com client with following features:

* Swpie to swich from recent post links to tag view
* In post links, clicking tag can filter the links
* Rename or remove tags
* Remove post links
* Add links from other apps such as browser, youtube ...
* Multi-account support
* Long press to select post links or tags to edit or remove.


* create an account
1. First press menu key and select Accounts to add account or choose account
2. After choose account, press refresh icon to synchronize bookmarks

* edit or remove an account
1. press menu key, choose account and press edit button.
2. you can remove it or edit this account.

If you have any problems or questions, feel free to mail to me weakapp@gmail.com

Google play: http://goo.gl/EFDft

v 1.0.0
* add / remove links.
* basic supports.